Cetim installs second Digital Metal® printer

Digital Metal®’s unique binder jetting technology continues to generate great interest in the AM field. Cetim, the Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry, in France was one of the first customers to install a Digital Metal printer in its Saint-Étienne facility in 2017. Now Cetim in Cluses has started up another Digital Metal printer.

Cetim is a world-leading technical organisation with 1000 experts and close to its 6,500 subscribing companies. The mission is to improve customers’ competitiveness through mechanical engineering, transfer of innovations and advanced manufacturing solutions.

Cetim Cluses is located in a region with a long production heritage of small and complex parts with the Swiss watch industry as a typical customer. The Cluses valley is the base for some 1000 companies, and Cetim’s focus is to support them in digitalisation, lean manufacturing, environmental issues and training of workers.

“The Digital Metal binder jetting technology fits the production requirements in our region perfectly. Our customers typically produce complex parts with high demands on quality for the automotive, medical and aeronautic industries” says Thierry Gautreau, responsible for Industry 4.0 and companies transformation support at Cetim Cluses. “Digital Metal’s binder jetting technology is state-of-the-art and can create complicated and highly detailed designs. Another advantage is that there is a potential for wider material choices than with AM processes like SLM that use melting. We are delighted to be able to offer this to the companies we work with.”

“Digital Metal’s technology offers great potential for metal AM productivity and capability”, Thierry Gautreau continues. “The technology is suitable both for making complex parts in small quantities, like individual medical implants, but also for mass production of several thousand parts due to its speed and no need for extra support to be removed”.

“The first printer installed by our sister company in Saint Étienne has lived up to all our expectations. And now we are really looking forward to helping our customers implement this technology which will allow them to sharpen their competitive edge.

For more information, please contact Ralf Carlström at Ralf.Carlstrom@digitalmetal.tech
Read more about Cetim at www.cetim.fr