Digital Metal® launches DMS-LNX – a digital platform interface for production line integration

Digital Metal has launched the DMS-LNX 1.0 Control Panel Interface, taking the next step toward fully-automated, No-Hands Production, capable of providing an immediate, comprehensive overview of the printing process.

DMS-LNX 1.0 was co-developed with automation partner Siemens, based on their MindSphere IoT platform. The system provides a complete overview of ongoing printing processes, with the ability to review specific details and receive alerts and prompts.

This new technology will be showcased at Formnext, where it will be possible for participants remotely to view our printers in action, in Sweden, from the Digital Metal stand and/or from the Siemens stand.

Digital Metal is a pioneer in industrializing Metal Binder Jetting
“Producing millions of parts in-house has taught us a lot about this process,” says Christian Lönne, CEO of Digital Metal.  “It became clear to us early on that successfully industrializing metal binder jetting is not just about the printer, but also about automating all the process steps”.

“This will enable us to deliver a truly digital manufacturing experience,” continues CTO Hans Kimblad. “The launch of DMS-LNX 1.0 provides an excellent base for implementing a digital thread through the entire manufacturing process.”

New machines for No-Hands Production
As a total system supplier with enhanced process-line automation, Digital Metal has realized the full potential of metal binder jetting as an established technology for industrialization and serial production. With the recent launches of two new process line machines, DPS 1000 for automatic de-powdering, and PPS 1000 for closed-powder handling, Digital Metal took a big step toward No Hands Production. Both machines will be showcased at Formnext.

Reliable manufacturing, based on experience
Digital Metal Binder Jetting is based on the company’s own serial production experience, and closed loop manufacturing will deliver a robust, reliable, completely digital solution for a variety of industries and markets.

DMS Linx

About Digital Metal
Digital Metal is the world’s first company to commercialize industrial high-precision 3D metal printers for the mass production of components with advanced geometries.

Digital Metal’s proprietary binder jetting technology enables the production of highly complex objects with superior surface finish and repeatable accuracy, which is not possible with competing technologies. In addition to developing, manufacturing and selling printers, we also offer small-volume or mass-production printing services. Many of the world’s leading Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, MedTech, Energy, Luxury and Academic companies are numbered among our customers. Millions of parts have been produced, a substantial quantity of them in mass production at our plant in Sweden.

Digital Metal was founded in 2003, and is headquartered in Southern Sweden. The company is part of the Höganäs Group, the world’s largest metal powder producer. For continued updates and digital improvements to the Digital Metal Manufacturing journey, follow Digital Metal at linkedin or subscribe to the newsletter.