Digital Metal supplies harder, stronger 3D printed components

Höganäs extends its 3D printing capability by introducing high performance 17-4 PH stainless steel for Digital Metal printing technology.
17-4 PH enables production of components with high strength and hardness.
The material is a hardening grade exhibiting considerably higher strength compared to the more commonly used austenitic 316L.

It also provides improved corrosion resistance compared to 400 series ferritic stainless steels.

Material data – typical values
Ultimate strength Yield strength (0,2%) Elongation Hardness
316L 520 180 50 55
17-4PH 1050 900 4 25


Chemical composition (%)
Fe Cr Ni Mo Cu Nb+Ta
316L Bal 16-18 10-14 2-3
17-4PH Bal 15.5-17.5 3-5 3-5 0.15-0.45