Digital Metal to offer titanium 3D printing

Digital Metal extends the range of available material for its 3D printing technology. Ti6Al4V will be offered on top of already existing Stainless 316L and 17-4PH.
Ti6Al4V is widely known and used in the additive manufacturing industry. It combines high strength, hardness and ductility with high corrosion resistance. It also means a 45% weight reduction compared to conventional steel. The Digital Metal Ti6Al4V offer follows ISO 22068. Typical values can be seen in the table.

Material data – typical values
Ultimate tensile strength Yield strength (0,2%) Elongation Hardness
316L 520 180 50 55
17-4PH 900 730 6 25
Ti6AI4V 890 790 8 40


Digital Metal offers 3D printing of small metal components with a combination of high detail accuracy, high surface finish and tight tolerances.