Digital Metal – the best of 3D metal printing

Digital Metal®, a Markforged® company, is making great strides into territories previously ruled by conventional manufacturing technologies. High productivity, excellent surface quality and great resolution have brought our 3D metal printing technology to a world-class benchmark standard with hundreds of thousands of high-quality components produced. Whether you use our machines to set up your own production or trust our own 3D printing services, here’s what you gain.

No tools, no waste

The process requires no complex or costly tools and keeps material waste down to an absolute minimum. All powder not used in the actual component is removed and reused in the nextcoming production batch.

Full design freedom

Digital Metal enables the production of complex objects that would be costly – if not impossible – to produce using conventional methods.

Fast track to market

In today’s fast-paced, competitive environment, producers face ever shorter product life cycles and ever greater product variety. You need new, quicker ways to innovate and get your innovations to market. Digital Metal takes your product from concept to completion in a short time.

Cost-effective production

Not only does Digital Metal provide a much more cost-effective way of manufacturing complex metal parts, it is also the ideal solution for production of mass-customised components or flexible serial volumes.