Digital Metal opens new possibilities

Digital Metal allows for direct manufacturing of complex end-use parts while reducing costs and lead times. From components with single or multiple internal channels to lightweight structures for aerospace, any application that involves complex metal parts potentially benefits from our unique, high-precision technology.

Part consolidation

One of the main benefits of Digital Metal is part consolidation. Parts than formerly needed to be assembled together can now be printed as one component, saving time and resources. In the long term, fewer parts also means less maintenance and service.

New shapes and structures

Digital Metal gives great freedom in design. You can produce highly customised parts with added improved functionalities that are not possible through traditional processes. Our technology is particularly well suited for manufacturing of components with hollows, internal channels and undercuts.

Detail accuracy

Digital Metal is one of the most accurate forms of additive manufacturing, or 3D metal printing, able to create microscopic details and some of the thinnest walls possible. Because there is no heat involved in the printing process, warping and shrinkage rarely occur.

Varying hole diameter

Due to the very precise process, Digital Metal technology can be used for making parts with extremely fine holes of great dimensional accuracy and variable diameters.

Reduced component weight

In many applications, such as aerospace, 3D metal printing offers the possibility of weight reduction. With Digital Metal, you can design the components for ultimate functionality and strength where it is needed and minimize material in other areas.