A complete system

As one of the most productive 3D metal printing technologies, binder jetting offers a cost-efficient way to print small, complex components in large volumes. The printer is of course at the heart of the process. But the surrounding equipment, software and training are equally important to achieve optimal production.

Printer, equipment and training

Digital Metal has extensive knowledge and experience in metal powders, sintering and all the processes needed to secure safe and efficient industrial production. We provide all ancillary equipment required for each printer, as well as introductory and ongoing training and support to ensure that customers are successful

Machine data sheets

Here you can find data sheets for our machines.

DM P2500 Download
DPS 1000 Download
PPS 1000 Download
Manual depowdering station Download

No-hands production concept

Our vision is a process where the majority of the steps are automated to eliminate manual work thus further increasing productivity. As a step in this direction, we have already launched a unique semi-automated depowdering unit. Watch this film to learn more about our no-hand production concept.