Enjoy the benefits of weight reduction

Aerospace is a main market for additive manufacturing. From functional prototyping to series production, this industry is leading the way in additive manufacturing technologies. Through the ability to produce hollowed and lightweight components, Digital Metal can help to significantly improve the function of small non-critical parts.

The aerospace industry was one of the first adopters of 3D metal printing. By removing complexity related costs, this technology allows designers to create the intricate designs that best fulfil their needs. Functional components with complex geometries and defined aerodynamic properties can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively.

The unique Digital Metal technology makes it possible to design components for function above all else. In addition, component assemblies that are traditionally manufactured in several stages can now be produced in one step, thereby reducing complexity and increasing reliability.

Examples of parts suitable for Digital Metal printing are engine and turbine parts as well as cabin interior components.

Light-weight components